I trace ephemeral moments as a means to find order and harmony. A kind of nomadic stillness between constant change and movement, for me order is a state of equilibrium between juxtaposed associations –order/entropy, regeneration/extinguishment, reflection/reality, momentum/inertia, emergence/immergence, here/nowhere, vestige/reverie, man/nature.

My process is slow and meditative. It is a cycle of intimate, instinctive mark making and longer pauses of reflection, until unexpectedly, from white, image comes to form, and from black, image comes to light.

I attempt in the act of creating to excavate an intrinsic beauty of some remnant of nature or of the mundane encountered by chance. Water, translucencies and gradients from white to color or black draw out my conceptions. I turn to watercolor, charcoal, graphite, sumi ink and organza to translate them with chance, gesture and meticulous detail into amorphous form or image.

Surfaces vary in translucencies, from subtle membrane like silk, to structures of open wire and varying opacities of paper. Like a dance, they are often suspended, simply nailed, or partially overlapped to converge, catch air and breath light, occasionally effacing themselves.

I like to leave room, distance for suggestion and am more interested in sensation, the instinctive element that is yet to be interpreted as emotion.  It is an attempt to expand and blur categories, definitions, borders and confines, fostering language that seeks likeness rather than difference, stimulating some collective memory or desire — nowhere and somewhere at the same time, indefinable yet distinct, a now of past, a now of yet to come –as a reminder of now, here and all.